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We're hosting 3,000 founders looking for capital and
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Last year, 1,000 investors brought €390bn in capital.
This year, we're aiming higher.

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Why do hundreds of Investors come to Bits & Pretzels every year?

Deal flow

In 2022, we hosted 3,000 founders who raised a staggering €3.4 billion post festival participation.

Don't miss your chance to discover the next game-changing startup before the rest of the world does.

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Showcase your success as an investor. Join an elite group of investors and VCs who collectively hold over €390 billion in capital.

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Leverage the opportunity to connect, and collaborate with fellow investors.

Unleash the power of collective wisdom and open doors to new alliances and strategic partnerships across Europe.

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in the book

Our newly introduced Startup Book is what investors craved for.

All the data on the exhibiting startups has been featured in the startup book. A comprehensive list of data provided to 1,000+ attending investors.

Now is your chance to get your name in the 2024 edition.

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Startup exhibition

Meet ambitious startup founders, who are looking to meet investors and secure the next step in transforming their business.

European Pitch Competition

Watch the top selected startups competing in the European Pitch Contest with their business ideas.



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