Meet 5,000 founders at the Oktoberfest on the 3rd day of

Bits & Pretzels founders festival


Bits & Pretzels is a three-day festival for founders, investors, and decision makers.

We help entrepreneurs thrive by fostering a strong network with potential investors, customers, and employees, as well as remaining vigilant across industries for unique opportunities.

With over a decade of experience behind our backs, we have successfully stimulated hundreds of businesses to achieve growth and success.

Who says the third day of a conference can't be exciting?

On the third day of the Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival, we take you straight to Oktoberfest together with 5,000 founders.

It's far from your typical conference setting; it's a dynamic and lively venue that facilitates authentic networking.

Oktoberfest means business.

1. Connect with 5,000 founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts. Dive into meaningful conversations over beer and enhance your network.

Solidify the relationships initiated during the first two days of the conference, deepening your ties within the startup ecosystem.

3. Join a Table Captain for a focused 45-minute session. Get impactful insights on a specific topic that interests you.

Join a Table Captain

In case you decide to extend your oktoberfest experience outside of the bits & Pretzels founders festival, here are 6 tips for doing business at the oktoberfest from munich strtup:

1. security first

Oktoberfest now requires entrance through designated checkpoints, with bags larger than 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm not allowed for safety reasons.

2. eat, don't just drink

Oktoberfest beer is strong. Avoid awkward moments by pairing your beer with a hearty meal.

3. travel light

Keep your belongings minimal and damage-proof. Consider relying on your smartphone instead of bringing a laptop.

4. smart packing

A plastic bag can be handy to keep your jacket or sweater clean from unexpected spills.

5. know your limits

Oktoberfest parties continue late into the night. Enjoy, but remember,
maintaining your professional demeanor is essential.

6. dress comfortably

You don't need traditional Bavarian garb to fit in at Oktoberfest. Feel free to wear what makes you comfortable.