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Building a brand is a marathon, not a sprint

AUDI AG board member for Sales & Marketing Hildegard Wortmann about the Dos and Don’ts of crisis communication and how she’s turning around the brand of her company


“Downtime is not a bug, it's a feature”

Arianna Huffington about the importance of self care for founders, why she started her second company at the age of 66 & what it takes to be a good leader


Silicon Valley entrepreneur & Lean Startup Guru Eric Ries

Operating with a long-term philosophy is necessary for sustained growth explains the founder of Long-Term-Stock-Exchange

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Meet our new virtual event series: Bits & Pretzels Live!

Let us introduce you to another brand new virtual event series that'll shorten the horrible long waiting time until #bits20.

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The time to build your startup is right now

Roxanne Varza, Director at Station F, one of the largest global accelerators hosting 1000 startups on how founders can benefit from a crisis and use it to their advantage


Meet Index Ventures' Masters of Scale

Sarah Cannon and Martin Mignot, partners at Index Ventures share why European founders are ditching their “US or nothing” mentality


How social innovators design value chains

Bringing medicine where it’s needed, making coffee farmers the winners: Learn from Social Entrepreneurs how to design serving value chains

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Join the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week

The 6-days virtual conference from founders for founders, that really understands your needs and values your time. Don't miss the early bird sale.

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The future of farming and food is here!

Agriculture is in need of innovation and new technologies as the challenges for farmers keep on growing due to climate change and other obstacles


Anne Boden: “Keep knocking on those doors”

The CEO & founder of Starling Bank on how to build a challenger bank from scratch to conquer the Fintech world


Changing the world: 7 Social Innovators you should know

Get inspired by these seven social entrepreneurs from Ashoka’s global network and find out how they want to make the world a better place


Austria’s startup ecosystem is carefully optimistic

If you’d describe Austrian mentality, you’d expect that our pessimistic nature would thrive in recent developments. But things look quite hopeful though


Want to have social impact? Think of icebergs!

Laura Haverkamp & Odin Mühlenbein, partners at Ashoka Germany, a global network for social entrepreneurship, about creating change in the world


Dirk Nowitzki: “Never be satisfied & always try to improve”

The former NBA player on how to maintain motivation and inner strength despite failures and what startups he’s looking for now as an investor


How to empower women in entrepreneurship

Boosting & connecting female investors for more diversity: That’s the goal of primeCROWD's Female Investors Network & ONE MISSION


Be the best at preparing for the worst

Operating partner at VC firm a16z Margit Wennmachers about how to make it through a crisis with your startup at #bits20


Eric Schmidt: “Hire for intelligence, not for experience”

The long-term Google CEO about how to build a culture of excellence to how to systematically harnessing world-changing ideas in your company


“It’s all about believing in what you can do”

Ironman World Championship winner & entrepreneur Jan Frodeno about how he turned the worst year for athletes around at #bits20


“Don’t put a ceiling on your limit. Always keep working!”

He’s one of the world’s most famous Bavarians: Basketball superstar Dirk Nowitzki about failure as an opportunity to grow at #bits20


This funding method is shaking up the VC world

Clearbanc's Michele Romanow shares her way to make funding more accessible for founders from all sorts of backgrounds at #bits20


“It’s so enjoyable to work with smart people”

The founder & CEO of payment platform Adyen, Pieter van der Does, shares his top tips for scaling a (fintech) startup at #bits20


The secrets for thriving & finding focus

The powerful business executive Arianna Huffington about the importance of self-care to become a successful entrepreneur at #bits20


Founders, have a ‘walk through walls’ attitude!

Investor & Uncork Capital founder Jeff Clavier talks about what he’s looking for in a startup (during pandemic times) and how to pitch virtually at #bits20


Slack-boss: “As a founder, you have to believe”

Stewart Butterfield about business growth during the pandemic, competing with Microsoft and what’s next for Slack at #bits20


"This is a golden period if you are an online startup”

Former CEO & executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt about Covid-19 and the opportunities it offers for entrepreneurs at #bits20

Speaker of the Day

The Female Company: A mission that goes beyond the product

Learn how to break long overtaken taboos on a regular basis from Ann-Sophie Claus at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week


This awaits you at Bits & Pretzels Networking Week

Still wondering about our virtual event? We’ve put together all the information you need. Check out the agenda for even more details


A new golden age of seed funding is upon us

Atomico co-founder Mattias Ljungman about his new VC firm Moonfire Ventures & why Europe is on the verge of a tech investment breakthrough


It's in the genes of entrepreneurs to create change

Serial entrepreneur & book author Verena Pausder about why founders should get politically & socially involved to create a better world