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A day's worth of investor-only stage content and networking. It’s a platform for peers to exchange on “The Future of VC”. In a rapidly changing industry.

Knowledge for corporate decision-makers from leading corporations. It is a closed circle where C-Level Executives share strategies on “AI in Action”.

Bits & Pretzels becomes more international than ever before. And so does the Startup Pitch, which we held since the very first edition. A new European level.

All those improvements are connected by this year's theme. Let’s harness Europe's immense potential by connecting all entrepreneurial stakeholders.

BITS is for you!

Tell us who you are

Learn From the Best

Our content for startup is designed to be immediately useful. Apply the learnings to your daily business right away.

40+ Startup Academy Lectures

10 Stages with excellent content

500+ Speakers over two days

Meet 1,000+ Investors

Bits & Pretzels has an extraordinary investor-to-startup ratio. Pack your days with investor meetings and get the most out it.

1 in 5 attendees is a startup investor

15,000 Founder - Investor Meetings

3,4bn raised after Bits23

Find New Clients

Join our Startup Exhibition or pitch in front of a huge crowd. Both will promote your company to hundreds of potential clients.

300 startups exhibit every year

15,000 Founder - Investor Meetings

3 Days of Founder Meetings

From seed-stage to unicorn founders. Everyone is here. Skip weeks of meetings and do all your networking over the course of just three days.

15,000 Founder - Investor Meetings

390bn of assets under management at the event

More Investors than at WebSummit

Why is that? Because quality over quantity matters. Meet 1,000+ of your investor peers. Most of them come year after year.

Limited to 5,000 attendees

Join 1,000+ peers from VCs like a16z, Accel, Index, Sequoia, and more.

Exlusive for Investors -
The Investor Summit

The Exclusive event within the festival for peers to exchange learnings and perspectives about the Future of VC.

8 Sessions on the most pressing VC pain points

Exclusive for Investor Ticket holders

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Europe's Best Startups -
All in One Place

Bits & Pretzels is a huge gathering of startups across all industries. You won't find a better place that gives you a better focus on what's next in tech.

2,000+ startups

300 startup exhibitors

80 handpicked startup pitches

Networking has Never been Easier

Matchmaking isn’t something we take lightly - over ten years we perfected our methods to support you meeting the best attendees.

A team of 80 matchmakers is ready to support you at the event

You have access to all 5,000 attendees via the Bits & Pretzels App

Countless meeting formats make it easy to leave your comfort zone

Exclusive Content on Corporate Innovation

If you want to execute Corporate Innovation - you need to learn from successes and mistakes of others. That's what you will find on our stages.

Join countless CxO's from European Champions like Airbus, Siemens, Vodafone, Metro, Roche

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Face to face with leading

Hundreds of startups, investors and corporates are joining Bits & Pretzels every year. They know that a network cannot be built from your office.

Skip weeks of business lunches and investor meetings – and do all your networking over the course of just three days.

Munich, Germany
29. Sept - 1 Oct, 2024

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Bits & Pretzels started as founders breakfast with just 80 participants. We dared to start and the spirit of supporting founders continues in 2024 and beyond.

Join our mission in helping founders shaping a better future.