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Lots of side events pop up every year around Bits & Pretzels. When the entire startup ecosystem is in Munich it is your chance to become a host.

Host a side event

How to host a side event?

Side Events are your chance to connect your brand with the Bits & Pretzels attendees and the local tech community by hosting your own event.

Side Event registration management, event logistics/operations, event promotions and costs are all managed by you, the Side Event host. Bits & Pretzels provides marketing promotion of the Side Event to the festival attendees.

Here are some kind of events you could host:


Gather a crowd of likeminded leaders around a topic you care about.

Open Office

You have an office in Munich? Open your doors and welcome guests.


Attendees come to Bits & Pretzels to learn - offer your personal expertise and offer an extra round of learning.

Parties at Werksviertel

The official After Party will happen at Werksviertel at the evening of 29 Sept - this is your chance to rent out one of the many bars and restaurants.
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Key Things to know

  • You will be responsible for organisation, location, invitation & costs, etc. of the side-event
  • Our communication team will feature your side event on our side event website + newsletter
  • We strongly recommend to not only rely on Bits & Pretzels as the single source of guests. Attendees have abundant possibilities to join events - also advertise to the local ecosystem and invite your network
  • Participating in and apply for a Side Event is 100% free for attendees
  • As the host, you are responsible for managing your event’s registration / registration page, promotion, creative, operations, insurance, costs, etc.
  • Most Side Events are in general open to all attendees, however they can be invitation-only
  • Only Munich-venue-based events will be considered - no virtual events
  • Your event must take place between 04-07 June 2024

The Best time for side Events

You want to host your side event at a time when most attendees are available. Check out this overview to find the best time slot for your Side Event.

28 September - The night before

Most guests already arrive the day before Bits & Pretzels. That's your chance to host an event that is not competing with the festival program.

29 September - join the party at werksviertel

The official After Party at Werksviertel is meant to be a gathering of the ecosystem. This is your chance to rent out one of the many bars and restaurants and host your very own piece of Bits & Pretzels.

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