Women in Tech

Attention everyone! Mind the gender gap!

Anyone working in the startup world knows intuitively that women are not well represented in founder roles or technical positions. There are countless brilliant female founders in the international startup ecosystem but they are still underrepresented in the public awareness.

This is something we'd like to change! Despite our decision not to grow bigger and to once again limit the total number of tickets to 5,000, we didn't want to reduce the number of tickets for our Women in Tech Special. It is extremely important to us to push awareness even further and are therefore happy to announce that...

We're giving away 300 free tickets for aspiring women with game-changing ideas to join Bits & Pretzels 2017!

Sorry, the raffle has ended. Congratulations to the lucky winners, who will be contacted within the next weeks.

“Bits & Pretzels definitely brings interesting people from different businesses together. It's a great opportunity for getting new insights, networking and discussing new trends and challenges.”

Sonja Schwetje

Editor in Chief


“A unique conference that really blends technology, heritage and the huge Oktoberfest successfully to an event that goes far beyond the usual networking conference.”

Raffaela Rein

Founder and CEO