Dieter Kondek

Founding Partner

DKFL Capital LLC

Dieter Kondek, a tech enthusiast turned entrepreneur, has left indelible marks in the high-tech industry. Dieter is Founder at Transatlantic Capital Partners, an Atlantic Family Office Investment Alliance, connecting Family Offices & UHNWI on both sides of the Atlantic. Dieter is Co-Founder @ Global Blockchain Ventures, a $50m Venture Fund invested in 43 blockchain companies including Inveniam Capital, Kraken, Coinbase, Google Quantum.He was executive with some of the most well-known tech companies in the industry, including IBM, Dell, Computer 2000 (TechData). Dieter is a seriell entrepreneur with 4 exits and has successfully raised capital for over $150m in private equity and venture capital. Dieter has moved to the US 20 years ago and is connecting the D.A.CH. and US technology ecosystems since 20 years.