Why the hype of Instagram isn’t over yet!

Business journalist & author of bestseller “UNFOLLOW” Nena Schink explains the important metrics of the social media platform

How do I increase my reach on Instagram? This is a question a lot of companies ask themselves - same as: How often should I post pictures to reach as many people as possible? According to an observation by the social analytics company Union Metrics, the average brand posts 1.5 times per day. But it is important to keep your post frequency up. Accounts that abruptly decrease their frequency lose followers quickly. This means time must be invested. But is it even worth it?

According to a study by Statista conducted worldwide in January 2020, 67% of the marketing decision-makers actually plan to expand their social media presence on Instagram in the future. So if you want to increase your brand awareness, you should consider building and expanding your social media presence as well.

The German journalist Nena Schink has a clear opinion on the world of Instagram. She tried - as part of an experiment - to become an influencer and invested more than two hours per day on Instagram. This way she got to know specific insights into the mechanics of the platform. In the following comment, the author discusses the impact of Instagram & how it changed the internet economy:

We are all driven by the urge to represent something. Consciously or subconsciously, we want to shine, glow and be meaningful. And there are people we admire. People we imitate and wish we could be a little like. People we surround ourselves with, in the hope that their shine will rub off on us.

All that is not a trait of my generation. It has always been like that. But we live in the age of offensive self-expression. It has never been so easy to stage oneself and to follow the lives of others down to the smallest detail.

The people we used to know and appreciate in reality before are now the influencers we follow on Instagram. Although we never meet them, we watch them brush their teeth, sunbathe in Bermuda, know the names of their friends, their children and we feel like we are part of their everyday life - without questioning whether these people are actually role models, why we give them our attention, or if we should really imitate them and accept the values they stand for.

The British Health Organisation, together with the Young Health Movement, has found out that Instagram has a negative impact on the psyche of teenagers and young adults. Instagram leads to reduced self-esteem, a negative perception of the own body and even depressive moods among the study participants, the Royal Society for Public Health reported. 

Now Generation Z should be fed up with social media. One in five „zommers“ worldwide has left Facebook, Twitter etc. in the past 12 months. The reason: the unauthorized usage of their data and the potentially negative influence of media on their psyche. In Europe and especially in Finland, the wave of farewells has been particularly high, according to a survey by the media agency Dentsu Aegis Network. 

So is the Era of Instagram coming to an end? I wish, but I don’t believe so. My expectation: Instagram will continue to grow in the next few years. The question: “How will influencers earn their money later?“ makes me smile every time because one thing is certain: we will have to get used to the unspeakable job description of influencers. 

The reason: with Instagram, a business model was invented. And the volume is immense. Companies like Dior, Revolve and Puma invest thousands of dollars in influencers. They aren’t the only ones. According to a survey conducted in Germany in 2019, 59% of the marketing managers stated that they use influencer marketing in their companies. And according to a Statista forecast, the market volume for influencer marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be around 990 million euros in 2020 - and the trend is rising. 

Simply put: too many people care about Instagram continuing to go on and business is running well. Instagram won’t disappear, which is why a revolution must come from the inside. Instead of perfectly filtered images, fairy-tale holiday pictures and unicorns, we need more images beyond the current conventions, topics and discussions. Maybe Instagram will then become a place that young people can visit without endangering their psyche in the long term.

About Nena Schink:  

Nena Schink is a German business journalist, columnist and bestselling author. With her book "UNFOLLOW! How Instagram destroys our life" (2020) (orig. “UNFOLLOW! Wie Instagram unser Leben zerstört”), Nena Schink triggered a debate on the usage of the social medium Instagram. The book, where she talks about how she liberated herself from her Instagram addiction, entered the top ten of the German Spiegel bestseller list.

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