The race for quantum computing is on

Jan Goetz, CEO of IQM, about how he wants go beyond competitors like IBM and Google and make Europe the hotspot for the technology

This week’s podcast guest and his team are moving quantum computing forward in Europe like no one else and they want to make it the new hotspot for the technology.

His name is Jan Goetz and the company he co-founded and now is the CEO of is the German-Finnish startup IQM, which has just recently been all over the news because it received another 39 million Euros in funding. This round, which was led by deep-tech-investor MIG Fonds, adds the total amount of funding up to 71 million Euros. And with that support IQM as a European player enters the race for quantum computing which has so far been mostly between the big tech companies from the US and China. 

This podcast episode is all about building up a company around a technology which is not even fully developed yet but which is expected to have a huge impact on all of us. Even if at the moment we’re still talking about research machines as Jan stresses, the vision is huge: 

And if this only partly becomes true, then it will really, really revolutionize society in many, many aspects. So it's still a big promise, but I think we have pretty good chances to see the impacts on society.

In conversation with Bits & Pretzels podcast host Britta Weddeling Jan talks about 1) what he and IQM are up to, 2) what learnings he has to share as a founder and person from IQM’s journey and 3) what potential he sees for this fascinating technology for every single one of us in the future! 

02:14: About IQM’s latest funding round during the pandemic
07:20: Why Jan doesn’t have a problem with saying „I know nothing“
11:30: What quantum computers can do - and what they can’t do
15:28: Learnings from starting a company as a scientist
23:42: European sovereignty vs. tech companies from the US and China
31:25: What motivates Jan to develop quantum computing further
32:35: Beer Garden Break: How it all started? With the next flight to Helsinki
36:00: The next milestones for IQM
40:27: B&P Tool Box: „The only thing we can promise is that we have fun“
42:12: Either-or-game: As an entrepreneur you have to take risks

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fecke (professional-podcast.com); Sophie Dechansreiter & Dina Zhakupova