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The future of Munich’s process mining pioneers

Celonis Co-Founder and Co-CEO Bastian Nominacher about what’s next for his unicorn at #bits20

Celonis, which is valued at over 2.5 billion dollars, was recently awarded with the Corporate Finance Award by PwC and the Börsenzeitung in the category “Digital” and the 2020 SAP® Pinnacle Award and has announced a new product for workflow improvement. 

To date, the company has received a total funding amount of 367.5 million dollars, has about 800 employees, called "Celonauts", two headquarters in Munich and New York and counts Lufthansa, BMW, Airbus, Siemens and Uber as customers, amongst others.

Co-founder and Co-CEO Bastian, who grew up as the son of a baker in Bavaria (and therefore looooves pretzels), built Celonis from scratch -  and explained how in January, when he was a guest at the Bits & Pretzels podcast. Back then he told us the story of himself and two college friends who founded Celonis 8 years ago and created one of the European unicorns. According to him, building a global company is key: 

"We run the company on a global basis. If you are the market leader, if you're covered in more than 30 different countries around the globe, you can't afford to just think locally, because also most of our customers are global." 

At the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week in September we’re curious to hear his experience with and learnings from the corona crisis and what he as a responsible for the overall business strategy has planned for the future of the unicorn. 

Bastian will join us on our Meet the leaders track, where top-founders of the European ecosystem will share exclusive insights into the state of their business strategy and what’s next for their company.

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