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How to reinvent yourself & come back stronger

Meet 3 times Ironman world champion and Olympic gold medalist Jan Frodeno at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week

When the whole world came to a sudden halt due to Corona, he speeded up the pace! Jan Frodeno, the 3 times Ironman World Champion, Olympic winner and world record holder fought the lockdown and came out stronger afterwards. He took the #stayhome advice by heart and broke new ground in the event business.

From his training room at home, the athlete live-streamed the first of its kind charity triathlon and inspired 320 million people in 50 countries over the web with his mental power, inner strength and iron focus on his goal. 

Frodeno has beaten the odds and you can do too. Join us for an inspiring talk of Jan Frodeno about the indomitability of the entrepreneurial mind and the unbreakable spirit of a leader who always reinvents himself. Listen to what Frodeno has learned during his career in sports and what has helped him in his career in the business world as a shareholder of Ryzon, a triathlon apparel label, among other things. 

Meet the outstanding athlete at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week (Sept 27th to Oct 2nd), at our Meet the Leaders track, and grow a strong mindset of courage and motivation.