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Model & startup investor Sophia Thomalla shares her hacks to create more brand awareness for your firm at #bits20

At first glance, Sophia's entry into the start-up scene may seem a bit unusual: an actress and influencer who is involved as a shareholder and investor in a startup for bulk materials? Sophia Thomalla sees things quite differently, as she recently told Business Insider: "It always impressed me more when you could actually see and touch what you have created". 

Since 2006, Sophia has been active in front of the camera and has been involved in numerous cinematic and TV productions. Now she has also gained a foothold in the entrepreneurial world. Schüttflix, the startup where she acts as a brand ambassador and also an investor later on, was able to double its revenue. Sophia will share her views and insights together with Schüttflix-founder Christian Hülsewig exclusively at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week.

According to a recent news report, sales at Schüttflix, a digital marketplace and delivery platform for bulk construction supplies such as gravel, earth or sand, surged with Sophia as an advertising face. Now other investors have also become aware of the company from North Rhine-Westphalia: in April, the Austrian venture capital firm Speedinvest invested 8 million Euros in the startup followed by a follow-up financing from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures and Speedinvest in mid-August, which increased the total investment volume to 14 million Euros. 

Sophia has been operating as the first external investor and official brand ambassador for Schüttflix since 2018. In 2019, Sophia became also part of the extended circle of shareholders of the logistics app for the bulk goods industry - to provide long-term support and help to shape the company.

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