It's in the genes of entrepreneurs to create change

Serial entrepreneur & book author Verena Pausder about why founders should get politically & socially involved to create a better world

It’s in the genes of entrepreneurs to want to change the status quo – most founders do that by starting companies, creating innovative products and then give back to society or becoming politically involved later – after a successful exit. 

But that has to change according to serial entrepreneur, book author ("Das neue Land"), activist and education advocate Verena Pauser, who’s one of the most influential founders in the German entrepreneurial ecosystem and was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Just yesterday Verenas’s first book came out where she describes why Germany needs an update in digitalization. In this podcast the entrepreneur shares why founders should transfer what they have learned in their companies to the governmental system, to education and health care – in order to prepare Germany for a digital and sustainable future – and why the time to act is right now.

You want to meet her personally? Verena Pausder is going to speak at our Bits & Pretzels Networking Week (Sept 27th - Oct 02).

The entrepreneur who founded children's app developer Fox & Sheep is more convinced than ever that the time to act for founders is right now:

I feel like if I now don't do something and if I don't constantly, (...) get out of my comfort zone and off the sofa and stop watching Netflix (...) then I'm going to sit there with 80 or 70 on a park bench and my children will say, Mom, it was obvious that climate would change. It was obvious that we would lose in the field of digitalization. It was obvious that nobody at school taught us anything about the world we live in. Now, where were you like? You were an entrepreneur. You knew that system. Why didn't you do anything?

And like always – our guest also talks about the tools that have helped her during her successful career in tech from how delegating everything leads to finding focus to where to find the energy to getting through the tough times running a company.

03:15: About her new book & why entrepreneurs have to change the status quo
07:30: Let companies like Ecosia get as huge as possible!
09:55: „The political system is not set up for exponential change“
14:40: A human voice: The strength of the European startup ecosystem
16:05: How smarter business models include people in revenues
20:05: Why every board should have a 25 year old at the table
24:18: Beer Garden Break: Changes made possible by the pandemic
29:30: Verena about her first company: „My failure was so necessary“
37:00: B&P Tool Box: How to delegate everything!  
41:59: Either-or-game: Ideas move the world, numbers are kind of boring

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fecke (professional-podcasts.com); Sophie Dechansreiter.