Exclusive insights of Kevin Spacey

For the first time the actor speaks about his life after his career abruptly ended after allegations of sexual misconduct

2:29: VC Albert Wenger: In times of crisis there's much space for innovation. Important trends will be accelerated, but at a very high price
6:05: You can't change what's happening, the only thing you can change is yourself and your business
12:07: Long term effects depend on governments and on how long the crisis lasts
19:55: Introducing the Amorelie-founder: Lea-Sophie Cramer shares her insights on change, disruption and crisis she experienced in her life
25:25: Introducing Kevin Spacey: The Hollywood star's thoughts on what it feels like to find yourself in an uncertain situation
30:05: Personal reflection: What comes after your career, your lifetime work or entrepreneurial achievement comes to an end

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fecke, Hubert Honold.