“Female investors would have handled things differently”

Investor Gesa Miczaika, co-founder of Auxxo & Board Member of the German Startup Association, about why startups have to change now

You are a female founder looking for new cash? And you want to learn the exclusive insights and tricks of an experienced investor to make it in the (unfortunately) still male-dominated startup world? Or maybe you are a male founder and you just lost one of your best female executives and you realize you need to turn around your company’s culture sooner or later?

This podcast might hold the answer to your questions!

In this week’s episode Bits & Pretzels Editor-in-Chief Britta Weddeling talks to the experienced entrepreneur and investor Gesa Miczaika, who is the co-founder of capital firm auxxo, as well as a Board Member of the German Startups Association.

The target of her and her two female co-founders Fabiola Hochkirchen and Bettine Schmitz: Creating a more diverse startup ecosystem.

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In our conversation Gesa explains how to network for success as a female founder, how to pitch in front of an all-male investor audience as well as how to create more diversity within your company for better financial results.

Because – after what happened in scandal-ridden firms such as Wirecard with an all-male leadership and N26 that made headlines with an internal rebellion against its management – the investor's convinced that gender equality is more than ever key to the future of your company:

"If there would have been females investing in those companies, things would have been a little bit different."

02:19: How dinner conversations convinced Gesa to become an angel investor
04:20: The investment strategy of auxxo: early-stage businesses with social impact
15:38: The competitive advantage of investing in diverse businesses
17:44: Why female leaders would have acted differently during the Wirecard scandal
21:45: How the pandemic boosted social entrepreneurship
27:20: Female entrepreneurs struggle more during COVID-19. How to change that.
30:39: Beer Garden Break: What networks you need to access as a female founder
38:20: The government needs to act now to change the rules for female founders
39:20: Tool Box: A VCs advice: „Don’t give away too much of your company too early“
41:30: Either-or-game: Why ideas matter more than numbers

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fecke (professional-podcasts.com); Sophie Dechansreiter.