Here’s what you need for a good idea

The founders of Hamburg-based creative agency Rocket & Wink share their top five features that will help you develop good ideas from now on

Ideas are mostly volatile at the beginning, like substances in chemistry lessons. If they can be captured and shaped, they can develop real explosive power with a life of their own. There is no recipe for a groundbreaking idea – but experience counts.

With almost a decade in the business Rocket & Wink have developed thousands of ideas and built up an expertise on what’s really distinguishing a good idea with potential for long-term benefit from an unuseful one. Each time five characteristics were a part of it that made the idea really stand out. Fortunately for us, their initial letters form the acronym word, “Users” and are therefore easy to remember. 

Buckle up for another list of tips from the hip creative people at Rocket & Wink that they want to share with our community to ensure you have all the tools to develop your next big idea: 


With lots of content that is being shared every second around the world, it’s not easy to come up with something that has never been seen before. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. At the end of a creative process there should ideally be something that surprises, inspires and takes people away - an idea like this can only be succeeded with the unusual. 


Once an idea has made it out into the world, it has no instruction manual and no explanatory presentation chart hanging next to it. That's why the whole package has to make its point as clearly as possible. It helps to delete everything that does not contribute to the core of the idea. Just like this sentence here, that is nothing else than plain filler material and is only supposed to get out one more line, everything that does not serve the idea, should be scratched first. 


Als established in the previous point an idea doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But if you need to get your idea across you should be able to explain it in one short sentence. All ‘ands’ and ‘buts’ removed. Simplicity is moving and captivating. Do you know how Ridley Scott sold the film "Alien" to the studio bosses back then? He gathered them all together in one room, piled them all up with slips of paper and notes and then just said "JAWS in Space" – bought. Let's ignore the fact that this anecdote was supposedly only added to the production history afterwards.


You may entertain, irritate, annoy, but really never waste people's time. Good storytelling is an exception to that, because that ideally fulfills all the above mentioned qualities and anchors an idea in the memory for a long time. You want an example for that? Well, did you know that on Twitter, the account of US politician Herman Cain, who died in 2020 from COVID 19 disease, is still being maintained. One of the reasons for this is to use various tweets to cast doubt on the dangerousness of the virus. We bet you will not forget that fact any time soon.


A successful idea is characterized by exquisite ingredients and finely tuned seasoning. It is only left in the oven exactly until it is ready to eat. Light pastries are sufficient.