Is FlixMobility doomed to grow?

The co-founder of German transportation unicorn, Daniel Krauss, about struggles of hyper-expansion

This may sound like a dream come true for a founder.

FlixMobility, the Munich based startup, has become Europe’s leading provider for long-distance travel and is expanding worldwide, including in the US, with serving more than 2,000 cities in 30 countries and headquarters in Munich and Berlin.

In the Bits & Pretzels podcast Daniel Krauss, the co-founder of the transportation unicorn, shares his best practices of how to manage running your business in many markets at the same time without loosing touch to your costumer:

"Think global, but act and stay local. That means we really have onside teams in every individual markets with onside people  (...) to literally have the feet on the ground.”

But complaints about bad service, delays and unfriendly drivers have been around for a while. In the podcast conversation Daniel shares how FlixMobility deals with the pressure to grow super-rapidly whether your infrastructure and processes are built for that or not and he admits as well:

„It’s a challenge and we are not there yet.“

Last year the company moved more than 62 million people and therefore has to provide service in each and every language.

Even more so as in the US, the transportation unicorn faces competition from legacy transportation providers as well as from French rival BlaBlaCar in Germany. And regulators have a headwind in Germany lately as well, according to Daniel:

“It’s really funny that one of the leading German startups which we think we are is having most of the trouble with regulatory in our home territory – it’s awkward.”

Podcast Chapters

2:08 Customers complaints: Arrogant Bus Drivers
5:44 K.I.T.T. and “Back to the FlixFuture”
11:16 Torturing Deutsche Bahn
13:06 Beer Garden break: Why Daniel was suspended from School
18:10 “I founded a Community to support homosexual Culture.”
20:17 The Special Place: The mysterious List of 50 possible Startups
27:00 Either-or-game: A Sneaker-guy from Nuremberg

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fricke, Hubert Honold. Design: Christian Lohmeier