A Facebook to fight Corona

Ijad Madisch, the founder and CEO of ResearchGate, about how he created his 16 million members plus platform  

Podcast Chapters

2:56: From a sleepover in a library to founding a medical startup in 60 seconds
7:37: Medical aspects of the Corona crisis from a doctor and virologist
11:48: How ResearchGate attracted investors like Bill Gates, Peter Thiel and Matt Cohler
18:41: Approaches to tackle Corona with knowledge from all over the world
27:28: Searching and researching for a medicine against Corona
34:16: Beer Garden Break: The medical prodigy has grown up in poor circumstances
39:23: Wearing flip-flops during a meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel
43:11: Is ResearchGate going to win the Nobel Prize?

Production: Regina Körner, Migo Fecke, Hubert Honold.