Top VC Brent Hoberman: How to grow your business now

One of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs about why the best founders thrive in uncertainty

London-based top VC Brent Hoberman, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in European tech, shares his secrets of how founders can grow their startup during the current COVID-19 crisis in conversation with Bits & Pretzels' Britta Weddeling. He also talks about where to raise funds now as an early stage startup & what kind of companies & founder DNA he's looking for nowadays as an investor.

Hoberman, who cofounded travel booking website Lastminute.com in 1998 and sold it seven years later for over $1 billion, explains as well how he went from running the first European unicorn in the UK to becoming a mentor to the next generation of founders, as the co-founder and executive chairman of Founders Forum, an invite-only networking conference for top global disruptors.

With Founders Factory, a global tech startup accelerator & UK-based Firstminute Capital, a unicorn-founder-backed seed fund with a 100 million global reach, Hoberman invests in the tech leaders of tomorrow and he is convinced that the best entrepreneurs thrive in times of uncertainties:

"You should understand that you should be feeling very optimistic. You should be seeing that there is this massive movement to technology adoption and you should be smart enough to work out and seize that opportunity yourself."

1:40: "If you are in tech or in a startup you are very lucky at the moment"
8:24: First Brexit, now Corona – how UK startups are holding up
12:51: It's time to pivot, redesign and build better products
19:18: What Brent is looking for as an investor right now
23:05: Beer Garden Break: Growing up in South Africa & a student in Berlin
29:47: Trying to understand the future and to face the new normal
33:50: Either-Or-Game: “You learn more when you listen!”

Production: Regina Körner & Migo Fecke (professional-podcasts.com); Hubert Honold