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How to turn your startup into a global unicorn?

Ask Pieter van der Does, founder of €43 billion Fintech company Adyen at #bits20 – get your ticket now before it’s too late!

You want to know how one of the world’s top Fintech billionaires turned a local underdog into an international scale-up? Join the session with Dutch entrepreneur Pieter van der Does at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week 2020 and ask him yourself!

Pieter is disclosing everything you need to know – from the necessary insights for your most important business decisions to hands-on advice about what you can do right away to reach your personal goals. 

The Fintech pioneer is revolutionizing the payment industry since 2006 with double-digit annual revenue growth serving some of the world’s largest merchants including Microsoft, Uber and Spotify. Founded originally as a banking platform, Adyen added products such as risk management tools and point-of-sale to its service offering and has received acquiring licences in several countries over the years.

Adyen is headquartered in Amsterdam and operates in various countries all over the world today - from Brazil to Singapore to New Zealand. The unicorn has received a funding of $266 million and went public in june 2018. 

Peter will join us within our The Story behind session, where top-founders share their personal outstanding secrets of success. Listen to surprising & insightful stories from entrepreneurial role models that inspire and get the background stories nobody told before. Get your ticket for the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week here: