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The Female Company: A mission that goes beyond the product

Learn how to break long overtaken taboos on a regular basis from Ann-Sophie Claus at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week

It’s the year 2020, but still not everyone knows about the importance of female healthcare, what  product to use for their period and what those are made of. A status that the founders Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadelmaier wanted to change. That’s why they started The Female Company in 2018, a startup based in Berlin. 

They offer sustainable and organic period products that are distributed through a subscription-model and relying solely on organic cotton grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. But they don’t stop there - just a few matters of heart are to end period poverty, empower women and break the stigma around female hygiene. The vision of the two founders is supported by BurdaPrincipal Investments (BPI) who invested in the young company in a financing round alongside Angel Capital Management (ACM) from Italy.

This summer, the campagne “One Girl One Cup” was released to educate on the proper use of a menstrual cup with an actual tutorial video. But it couldn’t be promoted on Youtube or Instagram, which is the startup’s most primarily used social media platform, as it was marked as pornography. Not a problem for the founders who simply took it to Pornhub. 

But the team behind The Female Company doesn't just create hot air around the topic, they are reaching actual results with their campaigns. In 2019, they created the Tampon Book to draw attention to the fact that period products are taxed with 19% which is usually a percentage rate reserved for luxury goods. Meanwhile books are taxed with 7%. Just a short time later Germany lowered the tax of period products to 7% as well. Because of their social and political engagement, Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadelmaier were invited to the German federal parliament and to the UN Commission on Women's Rights as speakers. 

Do you need any more convincing that those two founders know how to create engagement and get people talking about important issues within our society and at the same time push their products? We don’t think so. 

You really shouldn’t miss your chance to be part of Ann-Sophie Claus’ Masterclass to learn all you have to know to use social media best for your company. Hurry up and join us at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week (Sept 27th to Oct 2nd)