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5 hacks to grow your startup brand on TikTok

Germany's most popular TikToker Falco Punch about the Do's & Don'ts for companies for the video platform. Meet him at #bits20

TikTok is on the move! During the Corona lock-down, the download numbers of the video-sharing social networking platform that's owned by the Chinese tech giant Bytedance rose to over 2 billion worldwide. And you hear about the app as well on primetime as on the news because it has triggered a huge political debate on whether it should be banned in various countries, including the USA,  whether it's even becoming its own entity in the US or part of one of the huge tech companies. So it's time for you to find out more about the app – including how you can use Tiktok as a tool to increase your revenue.

And we got you one of the most successful experts on the platform to share his knowledge:  Falco Punch, 24, has over 9 million followers on Tiktok and he knows the platform by heart. The best thing for you is you can meet him at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week (Sept 27th- Oct 2nd) yourself to ask him your most important questions.

Exclusively on Bits & Pretzels, he shares his insights into the world of TikTok and how you can use the platform as an entrepreneur to attract new customers for your product.

What's so different about TikTok?

Simply put, TikTok is like Instagram, but only for videos. The clips have a maximum length of one minute, but in most cases, they are only 15 seconds long. What makes the app special is the focus on music. Users can also link their Tiktok account to other social channels such as Instagram and Youtube. All right, but what’s there to learn about how to use Tiktok?

#1 Use the current Zeitgeist for you

Keep an eye on the trending topics on the platform through the "Discover" function of the app. You'll find popular hashtags, music tracks and currently trending topics, challenges and videos. You can quote, mesh-up or mix what's hot right now and then use the trending content to extend your own range on the platform. Don't copy, that's boring according to Falco. His tip: Merge current trends that fit your brand or your company with your own content.

#2 Join forces with the leading Tiktok influencers

Big names attract the masses. Use Tiktok's "duet function" to react to another person's video or quote & mesh-up the video on your own profile. Both content pieces are then displayed next to each other, in a split-screen design. Duets work pretty well when you want to use the attention of a trending topic to boost your own channel.

#3 Show humor and be authentic

Many trends on Tiktok are based on wit and humor and memes are specifically important for Tiktok. "You can't take yourself too seriously", says Falco.  For TikTok users, there's nothing better than a brand that's authentic and that can effortlessly entertain through video. That's strategy is much more effective than trying to be flawless (which nobody will believe you are anyways).

#4 Stand out from the crowd

Seeing the dance movements a hundred times – that's getting boring pretty quickly.  It all depends on a creative realization (as already mentioned in #1): Take a trend and own it in the most creative way.  Try to think outside the box. If necessary, get inspired by other great creators or brands and develop your own style.

#5 Promote your brand, but properly

"Putting products into a video will immediately look like advertising. And the young generation is directly like: 'I don't want that'", explains Falco. That's why he recommends promoting the brand or the company itself – rather than its products. One way to do this is through sharing authentic insights into your corporate culture or offering a way for users to interact with you. If people are interested in what's going on with your brand it's easier for them to connect with your brand and to remember it in the store, says Falco.

You want to know more? Ask Falco Punch yourself and join us at the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week, Sept 27th - Oct 2nd 2020, where he's among the speakers of our Bits Academy and is going to share best practices for startups to use Tiktok to promote their brand.