5 Hacks for navigating Change

The Bits & Pretzels MC, entrepreneur & coach Dan Ram about why entrepreneurs should pivot their business now

You know him from the Bits & Pretzels stage: our MC Dan Ram.

What you probably didn't know about him is that Dan is a master of reinvention and adaptation – which makes him a true expert for the the crucial skills every entrepreneur out there needs today to push through the difficult economic times ahead.

As the son of an Indian diplomat Dan had to learn quickly how to transition from one country to another, one culture to another every 2-3 years growing up in 10 countries on 4 continents. And on a professional level, he has advised the national government of Ireland, founded multiple startups, and more recently has found his calling as an MC at more than 100 tech conferences around the world.

In this episode of the Bits & Pretzels podcast, Dan will share 5 practical hacks for navigating change and how to not just survive but thrive during this transition season.

And in addition to his 5 hacks, Dan shares his personal story - which includes hair-raising anecdotes such as how he survived an attack by a tiger as a kid, and how he grew up creating new homes and new friends for himself as a “traveling” toddler to teenager.

2:20: The value of pivoting your business as an entrepreneur & to go fully virtually
11:00: How to move forward by living in the now and focussing on the short-term
13:48: Start now and start simple! 5 crucial thoughts for entrepreneurs
19:15: If you can't change the situation, change how you respond to it
24:09: Beer Garden Break: Growing up in 10 countries & on 4 continents
30:53: How to find your true passion and become the fullest version of yourself
33:40: Either-or-game: Listening is when you acquire new knowledge

Production: Regina Körner & Migo Fecke (professional-podcasts.com), Hubert Honold