Doomed to grow?

The co-founder of German transportation unicorn, FlixMobility, Daniel Krauss, about the rapid expansion of his company and the struggles of hyper-growth


How to create a better ecosystem for founders

Lars Klingbeil, General Secretary of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), about the upsetting lack of a truly effective political framework for founders and how his party is trying to tackle the rise of a German neo-Nazi party


A Spin Master's Guide to Crisis Communiciation

Margit Wennmachers, operating partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, one of the leading investors in Silicon Valley, about the DOs & Don'ts for founders  


Investigative Journalist got 90 Hate Mails per Hour

The co-founder of the news website Rappler, Maria Ressa, disclosed the massive spread of fake-news by the government in the Philippines.


"If I want to get something done, I can be a Pain in the Ass"

Bastian Nominacher, the co-founder of Celonis, about how three friends turned a college project into a 2.5 billion dollar company.


How playing in a 90s cover band helped Dropbox CEO to fight a burnout

Cloud storage pioneer Drew Houston had to learn how to get his productivity back and introduced "No-Meeting-Wednesdays"


Selling your Company could kill your Brand: Learnings from Runtastic

The Austrian entrepreneur Florian Gschwandtner shares his top 5 To-Dos for founders from having his company been acquired by Adidas.


A top VC's advice of how to conquer the US Market as a European Startup

Star investor Albert Wenger explains why VCs are looking into European startups & how founders can benefit from the hype


How Hollywood actress Jessica Alba created a billion dollar company

Despite her on-screen successes Jessica Alba had to fight to establish herself as a founder, but found a way to succeed.


Why the Co-Founder of Shazam refuses to take Venture Capital

He sold his music service to Apple for a whooping $400 million dollar. But for his next company Chris Barton follows a different strategy

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