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Meet new partners, prospects and peers

We are bringing together the most successful healthtech Founders, Startups, and Scaleups in Munich. Inviting also the established players, investors, healthcare providers, MedTech executives, insurers, TechGiants, and policymakers to join them for a conversation on how innovation can shape a healthier future.

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Startup Founders

Startup founders can use Bits & Pretzels HealthTech as a big stage to get out the name of their company. All relevant media, investors, and hundreds of potential prospects can be found at the event.


When the best founders in healthtech are all in one place, then you know you have found the most efficient place to catch up with the ecosystem. Use your time time to meet startups and other investors.

MedTech Executives

When you strive to improve patient care
you need to foster open innovation and dynamic ecosystems. Bits & Pretzels HealthTech is full of companies keen on co-creating the future of healthcare.


Advancing healthcare is only possibly through dialogue and cooperation. Bits & Pretzels HealthTech is the platform for exchange among all members of the ecosystem.

Tech Companies

Established tech providers are looking to connect with leading decision-makers from healthcare systems.

Insurance Executives

Insurances are a vital part of the growing digital ecosystem. Bits & Pretzels HealthTech brings you together with best-fit healthtech partners leading to faster execution and better outcomes.