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Plenary Stage

Tue, 20 June I 09:30 - 19:00

The Plenary Stage is the highlight of the first event day. Tap into the collective wisdom of the most elite healthcare minds and let them share new paths to success with you.

In addition to inspiring panel discussions, there will be an exciting pitch competition hosted by EIT Health. Among the nine finalists you can find MediSieve, StemSight, Immunyx and Deepeye.

Hospital of the future - Organizational & Cultural Transformation

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Pekka Kahri
HUS - Helsinki University Hospital
Dr. Anne Wichels-Schnieber
New Chapter
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Kuhlen
Breaking Boundaries: Shaping Digital Ecosystems to Advance Healthcare

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Tim Kuruvilla
Roche Information Solutions
The Story Behind

Von Siemens highlights shares his experience and learnings on how to become a global top player, the mindset for "big deals" and how it can make or break a company's success. Through his experiences, von Siemens provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with being an innovator on a global scale in the healthtech industry.Overall, von Siemens' keynote speech is a must-see for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, investing, and scaling a business in the healthtech industry. His story is an inspiration for those looking to make a meaningful impact in the world of healthcare.

Bjoern von Siemens
The german health ecosystem - how to succeed

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Oliver Rong
Roland Berger
Dr. Sophie Chung
Dr. Thomas Pöppe
AOK Bayern
Farina Schurzfeld
Co-Founder Selfapy
Eckhardt Weber
Heal Capital
Scaling a Digital Health Startup in Europe and in the the US

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Inga Bergen
Visionäre der Gesundheit
Daniel Nathrath
Ada Health

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Bits & Pretzels HealthTech Frontier Award Ceremony & Michael J. Fox in conversation

This award has been created to acknowledge and honor those who dare to venture into the unknown, face adversity with courage, and persist with optimism even when the odds seem insurmountable. They are the boundary-pushers, the change-makers, the ones who, despite everything, refuse to give up.

Michael J. Fox
Psychedelics & Cannabis - psychoactive toolboxes for the future?

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Anne Philippi
The New Health Club
Finn Age Hänsel
Sanity Group
Dr. Michael Sidler
Anna-Sophia Kouparanis
Bloomwell Group
Pia Marten
Cannovum Cannabis
Is hybrid care the future?

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Inga Bergen
Visionäre der Gesundheit
Felix Faltin
Maximilian Waldmann
Julian Kley
Avi Medical
View From the Top: Future of Digital Health

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Konstantin Mehl
Kaia Health

Bits Stage & Pretzels

Wed, 21 June I 09:30 - 17:30

The Bits Stage and the Pretzels Stage are the highlights of the second event day. Panel discussions on up to date HealthTech topics will give you a place to dive deeper into topics you are eager for.

Collaborating for Innovation: The Synergy between Corporates and Start-ups

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Inga Bergen
Visionäre der Gesundheit
Sven Klimpel
Jutta Klauer
MSD Sharp & Dohme
Gloria Seibert
Hanbing Ma
ERGO Group
Catalyzing Innovation: The Key to Corporate/Startup Collaboration

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Sam Sturm
Founders Factory Africa
Titilola Olaolu-Hassan
Zuri Health
Max Grenz
Siemens Healthineers
German Market Startup View on BFARM: fuckup & highlights

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Gottfried Ludewig
T-Systems International
Dr. Gandolf Finke
Mika Health
Nora Blum
Hospital of the future from a tech perspective - (AI based) decision support

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Dr. Roman Hipp
Porsche Consulting
Martin Peuker
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Christian Storm
TCC Hamburg
Rob Mentink
Ralf Maier-Reinhardt
Roche Diagnostics International
Scouting the next unicorn in healthtech

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Joscha Hofferbert
Healthcore Studios
Dr. Philipp Wustrow
M.D. Daniel Dillinger
Sascha Guenther
Vorwerk Ventures
Farina Schurzfeld
Co-Founder Selfapy
Cloud Providers and Healthcare: is it possible? - First hand experiences from startups and stakeholders on legal-tech challenges

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Jovan Stevovic
Maximilian Greschke
Hospital of the future from a tech perspective (AI based) decision support

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Dr. Roman Hipp
Porsche Consulting
Rob Mentink
Christian Storm
TCC Hamburg
Looking to tap into the Spanish market? Here's how to make a splash!

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Aline Noizet
Digital Health Connector
Ph.D. Isabel Jimenez
Asabys Partners
Jesús Berdun
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
Sílvia Vinyes
Dr. Daniel Fallscheer
Go to market for digital tools in Europe: winners’ strategies

A panel with successful operators who share different strategies and challenges on scaling DH in Europe, from B2B provider sales, to B2C2B

Farina Schurzfeld
Co-Founder Selfapy
Samir El-Alami
Ines Raeth
Dr. Rayna Patel
Vinehealth Digital
Funding healthtech in a bear market - the VC talk

While it’s true that increased interest in digital health has cooled off, health tech startups remain a focus for investors – even despite the fact that the dynamics of the market have shifted. Let’s have a look at investors that are standing behind the best deals in health tech and what we should expect in 2023

Felix Faltin
Gemma Bloemen
Dr. Aline Vedder
Lucanus Polagnoli
Calm/Storm Ventures

Deep Dive stage

Tue, 20 June I 10:15 - 17:00
Wed, 21 June I 10:00 - 16:45

Join a Deep Dive Stage for an expert-led learning experience. Deep Dives cover a wide range of topics in 30 - 40 minute sessions. You can ask any question you have in mind, and gain priceless insights from professionals around the globe. Make sure to check out the abstracts below to not miss anything.

Doctor, Give Me the News: The Importance of Data Protection in Medtech

The world of medtech is transforming patient care, but also creating new risks to sensitive data. Join me to explore the importance of data protection and how medtech companies can stay ahead of the curve to ensure patient privacy and trust.

Friederike Wilde-Detmering
Reed Smith
Shipping daily while being CE-marked, is that a pipe dream?

The speed at which software is shipped has a massive impact on its quality. That's very difficult if you are CE-marked (most healthcare applications are). In this session, I'd like to help educate and answer any questions related to how quickly one can go while being regulated.

James Dewar
How to get approval for your medical device – despite all regulatory hurdles

The regulatory requirements that medical device manufacturers such as startups must fulfill are overwhelming: Quality systems, risk management systems, post-market surveillance, clinical evaluations (to name just a few) are the scope of continuous audits and reviews by authorities and notified bodies. Most companies already fail with applying for approval / certification. Professor Christian Johner, founder of the Johner Institute, and his team know all these traps and means to avoid them. Christian shares in this masterclass the step-by-step process how to successfully navigate this complex regulatory system, to avoid costly problems and delays in the approval processes and to get the products in the market fast and safely.

Prof. Dr. Christian Johner
Johner Institut
The end of medicine as we know it

Medicine needs digitalisation, but even more so it needs a fundamental paradigm shift. Currently, we hardly understand any disease. That’s why we name diseases only by a symptom in an organ and therapeutically can only alleviate symptoms, which is not only ineffective and imprecise but makes also many diseases chronic. There are many reasons for this innovation roadblock. The biggest conceptual error in Medicine, however, was to split up the human body organ by organ, including organ-specific clinics, specialists, and research disciplines. We believe we can define a disease by looking at one organ; any symptom in a different organ must be a different disease. Really? Rare diseases tell us, no! A big data-driven, holistic approach integrates all medical knowledge back into Systems Medicine to overcome this silo thinking by data science and bioinformatics. It revolutionises how we define diseases. Descriptive disease phenotypes are replaced by mechanistic definitions based on small cellular signalling modules that have become dysfunctional. Upon diagnosis of these in a patient, precise and effective therapeutic intervention is achieved by targeting several points in these networks at low doses, with less side effects and high efficacy. For this, we don’t even need new compounds. In most if not all cases, we can repurpose already registered drugs, obviating the need and costs for classical drug discovery, and speeding up the clinical translation and patent benefit. Thus, how we practice medicine will radically change, from treatment to cure and ideally prevention.

Prof. Harald Schmidt
Maastricht University
Patent Strategies and tricks for Health Start-Ups from an Innovator and Scaling-Up perspective

A detailed abstract will be added soon.

Prof. Dr. Michael Friebe
Healthcare systems in the U.S. and Europe: differences, challenges and trends

Expanding into the U.S. market presents both opportunities and challenges for European healthcare companies. Understanding the unique dynamics of the U.S. healthcare system is crucial, from complex regulatory frameworks to reimbursement models.

Pouria Sanae
Shaping a sustainable business model for clinical decision support solutions - Myth busting and learnings on the example of an algorithm

Data based solutions have already evidently shown massive impact in daily patient care. Additionally providers also need to uncover sustainable monetization strategies in health systems that are usually changing very slowly. Therefore, this masterclass presents an exemplary process using an algorithm to bust business model myths while unlocking new value pools.

Thomas Göhl
Roche Diagnostics
The most important steps towards successful sales in digital health

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital health, achieving successful sales poses numerous challenges that demand careful navigation. This talk delves into the realm of business-to-business (B2B) software sales within the hospital and private/ambulatory sectors. Wieland who has founded two companies in this field (Planerio and Smart Reporting), brings forth his wealth of experience. He successfully exited one of these ventures in 2021. The presentation addresses the distinct hurdles encountered during the journey to achieving scalable and profitable sales. Attendees of this talk will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in B2B software sales within the digital health domain and will leave equipped with valuable insights to help them overcome challenges and drive sales growth in their own ventures.

Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer
Smart Reporting

Munich, Germany
Join 20-21st of June

Come along for an electrifying journey as we explore the incredible advances of the healthcare industry. Let us inspire you to embrace all that lies ahead!

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