Are you a startup looking to establish yourself in the marketplace?

Then Startup Exhibition is your ideal opportunity. Network with key stakeholders and gain an early competitive advantage for your product.

















For just three days a year, the entire tech startup ecosystem gathers at
Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival.

As an ambitious startup founder, this is your chance to access investors, build relationships and make new connections that could transform your business - all within our dedicated Startup Exhibition with some of the best conditions available!

Spots are LIMITED and the demand is HIGH.
Don't miss out on taking advantage of these incredible opportunities.

Choose your Startup Exhibition Package

Use this perfect opportunity for your startup to become part of an
ever-growing network and jumpstart your success story.

We welcome innovative companies that have launched an MVP in 2013 or later, with fewer than 100 employees and less than 15 million euros in funding — but act quickly; spots are limited!

Free three-day Startup Tickets*
One time price**
Branded Booth
Days to exhibit
Online & offline logo exposure
HD display & floorstand

Our classic package. Buy three tickets and your booth is free.

Free two-day Startup Tickets
One time price
€1,497 / 3x €499
Branded Booth
Days to exhibit
Online & Offline logo exposure
HD display & floorstand

If you can’t get enough, get yourself an extra exhibition day.

Free two-day Startup Tickets
One time price
Branded Booth
Days to exhibit
Online & Offline logo exposure
HD display & floorstand

* Prices excl. VAT
** Tickets are valid for one person
Unsure which package is the right one for your startup? Please reach out to

what booth
do i get?

An area of 2m x 1.6m with a branded table awaits you in the prime exhibit zone, ready for any promotional materials and prototypes you need to show.

Startup Exhibition - endless opportunities

Find Investors

Startup Exhibition offers founders the unique opportunity to be connected with 1000+ investors, all looking for their next big success story.

Tell your story

Startup Exhibition provides an invaluable opportunity; use it to connect with journalists and influencers who will help spread the word about your startup.

Get Perspective

Connect with experts from all facets of the startup world, including SaaS, FinTech, Telco, Mobility and other industries.

Find Co-founders & Employees

Expand your team's potential by connecting with top talent at Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival. Our one-of-a kind beer carousel setting provides the perfect backdrop to impress possible recruits.

Build Alliances

Gain knowledge of the dynamic startup ecosystem, discover opportunities, find allies, and form valuable partnerships.

Expand Europe wide

If you're looking to gain a competitive edge in the European market, here you'll come face-to-face with some of Europe's leading business minds.

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"We exhibited three times because going out and speaking to potential clients and talents was key to us growing to where we are today."
Hanno Renner
Co-founder & CEO



What's included

We provide a standardized table branded with your company logo on a 2m x 1.6m exhibition area. You will be exhibiting for one day.

What you should bring

You can bring roll-up-banners and give aways and, of course, can exhibit your product.

former startup exhibitors


Our values

Founders are always first

Bits & Pretzels is an event from founders for founders. We don‘t compromise when creating content for our fellow entrepreneurs. Everything we do is about giving founders what they need to achieve their goals and reach for the stars.  

Quality Over Size

Bits & Pretzels is the only major event for startups that limits its number of attendees. To us, it’s important to rather gather the best players of the ecosystem than keep growing and sacrifice the quality of your event experience.

We do things Bits-Style

We always give 110%. This ambition makes us pioneers of our time, looking ahead - ready to tackle problems with our community. With enthusiasm for technology and precision, we provide an exciting environment that enables founders to shape a better future.


We love progressive change-makers. Always questioning the status quo and looking for new ways to improve our environment. We want to create a world of possibilities with true & sustainable impact for everyone who joins Bits & Pretzels. Our aim: to constantly develop and benchmark a better future.


Why should my startup exhibit?

It's all about boosting awareness and building profound business relationships with critical partners and investors that will help you grow. Use your chance to get in touch with thousands of attendees, to evaluate opportunities and challenges and to find new clients and business partners.

What is included in the Startup Exhibition Packages?

Each Startup Exhibition Package comes with a branded booth that includes an exhibition desk as well as two high chairs. Both Wi-Fi and electricity is provided by us. Additionally, you can enhance your representation for product demos and more with a 43” HD display with a floor stand by upgrading to either the Startup Exhibition Package “Growth” or “Rocket”. Whereas the Packages “Classic” and “Growth” allow you to exhibit for one day, the Startup Exhibition Package “Rocket” offers you two entire exhibition days.

What about brand integration?

We ensure offline and online logo exposure for all exhibitors on our event website, in our event app, and on site at the event.

I’m not sure which Startup Exhibition Package to choose. Who do I contact?

Please write an email to We will take care of your request, guide you through the different options and help you find your perfect fit.

Who is eligible to apply for the Startup Exhibition?

The startup exhibition is limited to early stage startups that:

  • are founded in 2013 or later 
  • have a headcount of fewer than 100 employees
  • have at least a MVP or prototype
  • raised less than 15m € funding (cumulated)

Why do I need to apply?

Spots are limited - that’s why we handpick all exhibitors through an application process.

How do I apply for the Startup Exhibition?
  • Click on the "Apply now" button above
  • Give us detailed information about your startup and choose your Startup Exhibition Package 
  • Get feedback from us within a couple of days on the status of your application

When and how will participants be selected?

We aim at covering the entire startup ecosystem. The earlier you apply the more likely you get an exhibition booth. In order to make planning your trip easy, we will give you feedback within a couple of days. If applications exceed the limit of available spots, no more startups will be chosen to participate.

What happens after being selected?
  • Once accepted, we will reach out to you to confirm the Startup Exhibition Package you want to be represented by 
  • We will handle the payment details and provide you with the tickets accordingly
  • We will further support you with relevant information and tips to get ready for exhibiting at and making the most out of your attendance at Bits & Pretzels

When and how will I be informed about the exhibition day?

When deciding for the Startup Exhibition Package “Classic” or “Growth”, you will be exhibiting for one day only. We will distribute all startups evenly over the two days. You will be informed about the exhibition day a couple of weeks prior to the event so you can plan your trip.

I have already bought tickets, can I return them?

Tickets you’ve already bought can be credited to your Startup Exhibition Package, so no need to return them.


If your startup has managed to raise less than 15 million in funding and maintain a team size of fewer than 100 employees, then Bits & Pretzels HealthTech Startup Exhibition is the perfect platform for you.

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