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The corporate and 'Mittelstand' innovation industry has undergone a major transformation over the past 24 months. The myriad of external influences has brought about unprecedented rapid change. Against this backdrop, we'll be discussing key topics in Energy Innovation, Impact Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and Industry Innovation. We will discuss the challenges for CDOs with top speakers from the industry in 4 panels each featuring 60 minutes of open discussions

Curators & Hosts

Sep 24 - 11:00 - 12:00

AI in Corporate Innovation and Mittelstand

The launch of ChatGPT / OpenAI and the likes heralds a potential revolution in companies' Artificial Intelligence use cases. Prompt design is the buzzword of the day. In this panel, we'll discuss successful AI applications, implementation opportunities, challenges, and leading sparring partners for companies in this transformative phase.

Sep 24 - 12:20 - 13:20

Energy Innovation - new chances

The energy industry is on the cusp of disruption, or perhaps already in the midst of it. The pace of transformation among established players, to which we will talk, is now of utmost importance. Our discussions revolve around speed of transformation, innovation strategies, and concrete projects also taking a peek at the industry disruptor enpal to understand its momentum, its different approach and its quest to tackle one of the oldest, most established industries there is.

Sep 24 - 13:55 - 14:55

Impact Innovation in Mittelstand and Corporates

How will we live in 2050? What will change, and what must change by then? Following a keynote by Emilie Colcker, a partner at IDEO, we'll delve into how the food and fashion industries strive to adapt and how companies aim to redefine their image, transitioning away from the fast-food and fast-fashion model. Additionally, we'll explore how companies like Airbus define impact innovation, gaining insights from growth builder Mach49, a global business player based in Silicon Valley. Get ready for an exhilarating discussion!

Sep 24 - 15:15 - 16:15

Industry Innovation in Corporates and Mittelstand

Digital innovation, particularly in the industry and logistics sector, offers extraordinary new possibilities. From augmented reality, virtual reality, sensor technology, and drones to artificial intelligence, robotics, and software applications, the scope is vast. In this panel, we will take a closer look at concrete examples and challenges encountered in the implementation of digital innovation projects, while exploring how scaling up can revolutionize entire industries.

Munich | 24–26
September 2023

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