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Bits & Pretzels
Networking Week
Live Blog

Everything you need to know from our live sessions: Speakers, updates and behind the scenes 

That's all from us, this will be our last live post for now. Thanks to everyone who has read our stuff and we hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did! Do it well, stay safe and Bussi (Bavarian for "kiss") from the Media Team! And by the way: If you want to stay updated about everything that's happening in our Bits cosmos check out our website! We're posting new articles almost every day.

And that's it! That was the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week 2020! Thanks to everybody involved: The whole B&P team, everybody who was at Hoch5 and helped out, our founders Andy, Bernd and Felix, our amazing MC Dan Ram, the awesome Band Dynamite Tonite, all of our fantastic speakers from all over the world and last but not least: Thanks to all of you attendees who supported us and became part of this amazing event!

Now we're joined by Germany's State Minister for Digitalization, Dorothee Bär. She is interviewed by our Editor-in-Chief, Britta Weddeling. They will be talking about this week's highlights, entrepreneurship in Germany and virtual conferences. Tune in now.

Now it's time to look behind the scenes - but this time literally. Next up are some of the developers of mingle.cloud, the platform behind this virtual conference.

"Find ways to make it work!" Strong and motivating words from so-called "Dirkules"!

"Don't put a ceiling on your limit. Put all the work in. The sky is the limit." - What impressing and inspiring words from the legend Dirk Nowitzki!

"I'm always open to listen" - Dirk has no special focus on what kind of startups he's investing in. Maybe he's your next investor, who knows!

"The non-profit world is something I will continue my whole life" - Dirk shares as he thinks giving back is one of the most important things.

Dirk enjoys a life away from basketball now as it gives him an opportunity to learn new things and expand his horizon.

Dirk is now sharing insights into his life as a celebrity and what he's doing now. Super interesting! Tune in: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

"I used all these disappointments as stepping stones to climb the mountain in the end", says Dirk. Something we all can take to heart!

Such a humble guy! Very inspiring to hear this legend talk.

How to handle the public spotlight and the media? Dirk shares his experiences with that - and how he grew as a person on that journey.

Now Dirk talks about how it feels when someone wants their photo taken with him: "Super proud and super humbled by that."

Dirk admits that he has never been to the Oktoberfest!

Dirk talks about the importance of having someone to guide you - in sports and as an entrepreneur.

"The game always changes, and I think that's he same with business", says Dirk Nowitzki.

We did save a gold coin for the end, didn't we? Dirk Nowitzki, the former NBA basketball player and overall legend is coming up! Don't miss it!

You are part of the entire world, so you are competing also with all of the big guys, says Margit Wennmachers.

A company's culture is a set of values & behaviors and translated into: "What does this really mean?"

"You are the brand" - that's Margit's mantra to help founders build their brand. Such as: "You are the keeper of the company's culture."

"Answer all of the questions" - a simple, but important advice to communicate a crisis best from Margit Wennmachers!

How to communicate a crisis to the outside? A crisis is like a book: you want it to be short and you don't want to leave answer unquestioned, says Margit Wennmachers.

Step 1 to deal with a crisis: Think about it that the crisis is an opportunity to make the company better, according to Margit Wennmachers.

One of our last speakers for this week is coming up and it's none other than Margit Wennmachers, operation partner at the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz and an old friend of Bits & Pretzels. Tune in now!

Congrats to the winner of the Golden Pretzels Award 2020: Made of Air!

Now it's time for the 8 startups to pitch their idea! Tune in and get inspired: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

Now it's time for the Golden Pretzels Award! Tune in to find out who's going to win: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

The winner is Pylot! The startup wins 5,000€. Congratulations!

One last time: Shoutout to our awesome band Dynamite Tonite! We can never sit still when these guys are playing!

Now it's time for Award Season here at Bits & Pretzels. Next up is the Munich Startup Award moderated by Lisa Gradow!

We are joined now by our Superhero For Change Dr. Christoph Schmitz, the co-founder & CEO of Ackerdemia. He is using his creativity and passion for business to increase appreciation for nature and food produce. You want to know how? Tune in now: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

Dan's singing again with Dynamite Tonite! All improvised!

Nice jacket! Dan's looking awesome as always!

Dan Ram introduces us to our last day of the Bits & Pretzels Networking Week 2020 (luckily, he survived his ride on the rollercoaster)! Tune in: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

It's the final countdown, DÜDÜDÜDÜÜÜÜÜÜDÜDÜDÜDÜDÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ! Catchy tune incoming, you're welcome. 9 minutes until we start into the last day of #bits20!

You've missed some of our highlight speakers? Then check out our website where we've published some articles about the most important learnings from this year's Bits & Pretzels Networking Week. Amongst them: Arianna Huffington, Pieter van der Does and Stewart Butterfield! https://www.bitsandpretzels.com/media

What is probably the best about Friday? That it's the weekend afterwards!! But hold on for a second: Let's keep our energy up for the last round of Masterclasses! Again we have a lot of interesting topics, so check them out! https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming/room-reservation

Who wouldn't like to sneak around the live studio and take a look behind the scenes? Well, we help you a bit by sharing some exclusive behind the scenes footage!

This is what our moderators see. Interesting, right?
Looking over the shoulder of our Social Media team!

By the way, follow us on Instagram (@bitsandpretzels) to make sure not to miss such crazy stories anymore!

Our moderators really don't have it easy with our Social Media team. First Dan Ram in a roller coaster, then Miriam Wohlfarth in a chain carousel...

If there's one thing in life you have to see, then it's Dan Ram sitting in a rollercoaster and screaming for his life! We really hope he survived this to moderate our last day...  https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFzkcoaJSZA/?igshid=swfbptrbn96i

Dan Ram, right before his ride, with Constanze & Bianca from our Social Media team!

There's probably no need mention it again because you already know what's coming next, but we do it anyway: It's time for the Business Lunch Roulette! Grab some food and let the networking begin!

A few days ago, Janna Linke from the German TV channel n-tv visited us at Hoch5 and today, the report about the virtual Bits & Pretzels Networking Week came online! Check it out: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jannalinke/detail/recent-activity/

Can you believe we are already at the end of our virtual week? We certainly don't. But there is no time to be sad as we have an awesome last day planned for you - with amazing guest like Margit Wennmachers and Dirk Nowitzki!

That's what it says on Jan's shirt. And we love that phase. With that we'll say goodbye for tonight. See you tomorrow!

It's time to announce the winners of the semi-final of our Golden Pretzels Award! In the category "Health & Wellbeing", the winner is: Femtasy! And the winner of the category "Platform & Service" is Farmtiger! Congrats to both of you!

Set yourself a huge goal and achieve it bit by bit - that is Jan's strategy for success.

"I need to lose from time to time in order to learn" was a realization for Jan although he hates losing, for example in the game "Mensch, ärgere dich nicht".

According to Jan, it is all about the right mind set. In sports and in business alike. His mantra is: "I want, I will, I can."

"The line of success is anything but linear", says Jan Frodeno about the hard way of being successful as an entrepreneur.

"Sports is so extremely parallel to business", says Jan Frodeno on the motivation that is needed for the long haul as he is an entrepreneur himself.

200,500€ Jan Frodeno collected through his Ironman@Home for charity. What an awesome total!

"In the end that's what sport is there for: to motivate people", says Iron Man World Champion Jan Frodeno.

He speeded up the pace despite Corona! Tune in for Jan Frodeno, 3 times Ironman World Champion, who will talk about what he has learned during his career in sports and what has helped his career in the business world.

If you never give up, you can reach everything you want - that was an advice given to Oliver Kahn by his first coach when he was 18!

"I want to create an environment for people where they can develop their full potential", says Oliver Kahn.

Oliver Kahn has many advices to deal with mistakes, but one stands out: "Don't try to over-analyze your mistakes and try to concentrate on your successes".

Oliver and Max talk about how to handle mistakes - as a goalkeeper and as a founder.

Oliver Kahn talks about how he felt after leaving the FC Bayern Munich as an active football player. Tune in: https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

Take your shot and join "the Titan" Oliver Kahn, who is board member of the FC Bayern München, at his live session and learn how to deal productively with successes & setbacks!

Sophia Thomalla admits that she's more the conservative typ when it comes to investments. Schüttflix was so far her first and only investment.

As a startup you need to build trust. That's an advice the founder of Schüttflix Christian Hülsewig has to share.

"No fear of guidelines in business and private life", says Sophia Thomalla as she shares the story how she ended up being part of Schüttflix.  

You wonder why an actress and model supports the idea of ordering bulk material? Find it out yourself! Sophia Thomalla will talk together with the founder & CEO of Schüttflix Christian Hülsewig about the idea behind the app.

2020 in a nutshell: Nico just showed us his special light setup for the video call that be build himself by taking a hotel lamp apart.

Nico's biggest lesson for life: Appreciate failure and learn from it!

"It's all about hustle" - What an amazing advice from the investor and founder!

Nico also shared some insights about how he tried to reach out to Leonardo DiCaprio to have him as a speaker at the GreenTech festival.

"Mobility is my home", says the former Formular One champion. He's looking at sectors like autonomous cars or electric engines.

Nico Rosberg shares crazy stories that happened to him: People once threw their business cards at him!

After his motorsports career, F1 world champion Nico Rosberg started to work as an investor and founder with focus on sustainability. Get inspired by his goal to drive forward positive changes for society and humanity!

Tip from Joko to reach out to him: Use direct message platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. Keep it short and be creative and maybe he will get back to you.

Joko and Andy don't have a typical investor-founder relation, according to the SUSHI Bikes founder.

The first topic: Food. How well do founder and investor know each other?

What an entrance, Joko Winterscheidt! We love it!

Andy Weinzierl - the man with the coolest last name ever. Really.

What the heck has Sushi to do with e-bikes, you may ask. "One is rolling, the others are rolls,” Joko Winterscheidt answered in an interview. For more crazy stuff about the company, join the founder & CEO Andy Weinzierl and Joko’s talk!

About 50% of the actual resources of startups are being used to "win" a corporate, says Finn Boysen. A lot of passion is needed when it comes to a collaboration, according to the NavVis founder.

Startups should always consider at what stage the corporate is at the given moment and how they function. That's why adding a partner to navigate the partnership is important, says André Christ.

Early stage companies and startups should consider that they often have misconceptions about how corporates work, says the founder of Userlane.

André Christ talking now about how to pitch your idea correctly to possible corporates as he has experienced being an employee at a big corporation himself.

Noga Tal joining us from Israel. She really makes us jealous with a green screen picture as background from the closest beach to her location!

Moderated by Noga Tal, Head of Global Partnerships at Microsoft for Startups, you get some practical advice from Finn Boysen, Global Head of Sales at NavVis, André Christ, CEO & Co-Founder of LeanIX, and Hartmut Hahn, CEO & Co-Founder at Userlane.

Tune in for some introducing words from Startup & Partner Manager at Mircosoft for Startups Europe Zofia Przytochka!

It takes the best of two worlds to create a new star: Tune in for an interesting panel discussion about how corporates & startups could partner up to become Stronger Together, today presented by our partner Microsoft for Startups.

With DyeMansion, Felix wants to stop mass productions and shipping from other countries to make a contribution to more sustainability.

3D-printing-technology affects every industry, explains Felix Ewald.

So Felix is wearing glasses that were printed by a 3D printer? We love it!

Did you know that it is possible to build a house just with a 3D-printer? That’s crazy, right? Felix Ewald, CEO & co-founder of Dye Mansion, talks now live about how 3D-printing will affect our future!

Fail fast and learn fast. What an important key learning Obi's sharing with us!

The real secret to innovation is according to Obi Felten: 

1. Fall in love with problem
2. Fail gracefully
3. Make contact with the real world.

There's no formula for innovation, explains Obi Felten.

"She's the translator between the nerds and the real life", as Obi Felten describes herself.

Obi Felten is responsible for getting early stage projects of X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory, out of the lab and into the real world - or making sure that they fail first. Come over to find out what she has to share with you! https://live.bitsandpretzels.com/streaming

Due to the current pandemic the mission of OpenClassroom couldn't be more relevant.

OpenClassroom has more than 1.000 mentors with who the students can get in one-to-one mentoring sessions, according to Pierre Dubuc.

This man has one mission: to make education accessible. To make his vision come true, Pierre DuBuc co-founded the online education platform OpenClassroom. Get inspired by his goals!

The data base of Planet is mostly used in the agricultural sector to improve sustainable agriculture, explains Will Marshall.

Before he founded the aerospace and data analytics company Planet, Will Marshall was a scientist at NASA/URSA. That’s pretty cool, right? Take off with us to hear him talk about his mission to create a searchable database of Earth’s surface!