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Your safety is our highest concern

To ensure a safe yet familiar experience for all our attendees, we chose to adopt the 2G+ regulation for the January edition of Bits & Pretzels 2022. According to this regulation you can attend the event either if you are fully vaccinated or have fully recovered from a COVID-19 infection within the last six months and have been tested negatively for a COVID-19 infection. 

As of now, we expect all participants to wear FFP2 masks in the Bits & Pretzels venue and on all side events.

We commit to the highest health & safety standards during the event—including but not limited to reinforced cleaning, generous hand-sanitiser supply, and a no-handshakes-policy.
Moreover, we ask our attendees to be considerate and let everyone Bits & Pretzels without worries. If you are feeling sick, please don’t risk it and stay home. In the end, we are all in this together.

Bits & Pretzels is continuously exploring ways of mitigating health risks during the event. We commit to organising a safe event with the highest health and safety standards and reserve the right to update these policies according to the legislative changes, guidelines, and decisions made by the authorities. If you have questions about health and safety at Bits & Pretzels, please contact us at

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