What are the different ticket types?

We want to price each ticket accordingly to what the user should be able to afford.

Startup Ticket

Our Startup Ticket is tailored for young, often tech-driven, companies aiming for rapid growth with a scalable business model. Please remember that each team member needs their own ticket to attend. Companies younger than 10 years and have less than 300 employees. This will be checked after the purchase.

Investor Ticket

Our Investor Ticket is for individuals working for entities making direct investments in startups or venture capital funds – VCs, CVCs, LPs, Family Offices, and M&A Investors. This category is also for founders or employees of accelerators and incubators. This will be checked after the purchase.

Corporate Ticket

Corporate Tickets are for Employees of companies older than 10 years or with more than 300 employees. And also employees of consulting companies and agencies regardless of age and number of employees.

Academia Ticket

Academia Tickets are for university employees and employees of governmental bodies. This will be checked after the purchase.

Small Agency Ticket

Small Agency Tickets are for founders and employees of small agencies with less than 10 employees. Does not include consulting companies.

Private Person Ticket

Private Person Tickets are for privately purchased tickets for people interested in entrepreneurship. Invoices may not be issued to a company.