Introduced in 2016 -
even better in 2017:
our industry clusters
At Bits & Pretzels, we’re always keen on showing the latest trends and innovations in the digital tech world. To make all topics, branches, and technologies more tangible and visible for you, we’ve introduced six different clusters which will show up in various areas and formats at the festival:

All the startups that will be part of our exhibition will be sorted by clusters. This way you see right away which one is particularly relevant for you. Furthermore each cluster will be represented by a number of handpicked startups at our pitch stage.
Commerce & Marketplaces
The future of Ecommerce, Marketplaces, Retail, Consumer Goods, Travel & Tourism
Mobility & Transportation
The future of Automotive, Aerospace, Logistics & Infrastructre
Entertainment & Lifestyle
The future of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Gaming, Sports, Fitness & Media
Hardware & Iot
The future of Industrials, Automation, Robotics, Home & Wearables
Services & Intelligence
The future of web-based Smart Company Solutions, LegalTech, Cyber Security, Big Data, Predictive Analytics & AI
Banking & Insurance
The future of FinTech, Blockchain & InsurTech

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